Scott Poppaw


My name is Scott Poppaw and I currently live and work in Round Rock, TX. I am a full-time artist, actor, and vocalist.

When I am not painting or engraving, I’m usually in, or rehearsing for, some type of theatrical endeavor. When I am painting, I work primarily in oil and acrylic mediums, as well as a medium, which when dry, emulates the appearance of cathedral stained glass. I also work with graphite, charcoal, and ink mediums, depending on my mood at the time. I have also added laser engraving to my business, specializing in gift items and custom engraving for special occasions or for businesses.

My influences include many of the renaissance masters, however; I admire Michelangelo the most. I have studied his work in detail, as I find all of his art to be instructive, evocative, and beautifully moving. Other artists through the ages have captured my attention for periods of time, particularly Leonardo DaVinci, as I find his attention to detail compelling, but I find myself returning to Michelangelo's work the most. Whether it be his brushstroke techniques or color mixing, I can always find inspiration from his body of work.

Conversely, one of my favorite contemporary artists was and still is Bob Ross. His wet-on-wet painting technique and weekly programs were my initial introduction to creating actual works of art on canvas myself. His plain-spoken, free-wheeling approach to paintings: “No, mistakes…only happy accidents”, gave me the courage to try new things and not worry so much about any “accidents” that I might have on the canvas. It’s a particularly freeing feeling! But I believe that his point was to create art, just for art’s sake. A philosophy that I still utilize in my artistic endeavors to this day.

I believe that being an artist is something that one is born to do and is not something that must be exclusively learned at a school. While an education in the arts is important to be sure, I do believe that if you work at something hard enough and you are willing to put in the time it takes to practice and learn that thing, then you will be successful. My personal path of study has been through practical hands-on experience, learning through trial and error, and self-learning through studying the works of renaissance masters, as well as successful contemporary artists.

Art, to me, is something that ties humanity together. I appreciate the opportunity to help create some of those connections either on canvas or on a stage. Art lifts us all out of the mundane and ordinary and sweeps us away to other worlds and places, so that we might, just for a few precious moments, find something that inspires us and lifts our spirits and maybe, just maybe, help us to feel that human connection.